Life at Our Facility


In a family owned and operated facility you see and do things differently. You realize that every day there is an opportunity to make a difference. Working for the Barcelo family has taught me that serving with compassion can be easy. The key is to see every patient as if they were your Mother or Father.

I enjoy my job as administrator of Regency Village and I’m lucky to be in this position. I inherited a team that is dedicated in making each day better than the last. The team at Regency Village genuinely cares about those they serve and their long tenure proves it. Each employee comes to work because they have a very important job to do – and, they do it well.

At Regency Village, we are HELPING RESIDENTS have a better quality of life, HEALING PATIENTS that are recovering and returning home, and HEROES TO FAMILIES that entrust their loved one’s lives in our hands. Each day we sharpen our skills, learn from one another, and make an impact on the future of healthcare in our facility and community. Each day we are creating a legacy. Each day we grow closer as a family.

Paul Eldridge once wrote, "A man is most accurately judged by how he treats those who are not in a position either to retaliate or to reciprocate."

This is Regency Village.


Henry R. Saucier, LFNA
Regency Village Administrator

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